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See below all the different areas of specialty that each MKT team member specialises in.

ATO Audits, Objections & Appeals Sean Pearce; Mimi Ngo
Business & Corporate Restructures Gaurav Chitnis; Sean Pearce
CGT – Concessions & Rollovers Sean Pearce; Gaurav Chitnis
Division 7A – Private Company Loans Sean Pearce; Gaurav Chitnis
Employee Share/Option Schemes Justin McGovern; Linken Fragomeli
Estate Planning Sean Pearce; Chris Schoeman
Fringe Benefits Tax & Salary Packaging Sean Pearce
GST Mimi Ngo
General SME Tax Queries Gaurav Chitnis; Sean Pearce
International Tax incl Tax Residency Sean Pearce
Property Development & Subdivision Mimi Ngo; Sean Pearce
personal Services Income Rules Sean Pearce; Mimi Ngo
State Taxes – Duty, Payroll & Land Tax Linken Fragomeli; Gaurav Chitnis
Superannuation Chris Schoeman
Tax Consolidations Adriano Leon; Gaurav Chitnis
Tax Loss Rules – Companies Linken Fragomeli; Sean Pearce
Trusts  – Distributions & Losses Sean Pearce