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May 2016: Retirement Planning and Restructures: Transferring Assets into SMSF’s

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Presented by Chris Schoeman, this 100 minute MKT Tax Session took place in May 2016.

In this session, Chris will discuss the practicalities of engaging in an asset restructure to move assets into your clients’ SMSF’s and how these can save your client significant amounts of tax over their lifetime.  He will also discuss how advice such as this needs to consider the clients whole situation and not simply focus on tax.

The topics covered will include:

  • Licensing requirements to prepare advice and perform restructure
  • Analysis requirements to determine a strategies success
  • Strategies for transferring various assets into Super including:
    • Shares
    • Property
    • LRBA’s
    • Using contributions strategies
    • Transition to Retirement Pensions
    • Using contributions to transfer assets to next generation
  • Non tax considerations on restructures and the issues associated with them
  • Presenting report to clients and implementation
This download contains the following files:

  • The Webinar file (VLC Media File)
  • The Powerpoint presentation (Microsoft Office 2010)
  • The Notes for the case study (PDF)
  • Working Docs for the case study (Excel)