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May 2015: Selling, Developing and Subdividing the family home

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Presented by Sean Pearce, this 90 minute MKT Tax Session took place in May 2015 and deals with the following topics:

• The tips and traps in claiming the Main Residence exemption

• The income tax consequences of subdividing the main residence
• The interaction between foreign residency and the main residence exemption
• Miscellaneous indirect tax issues, such as GST, duty and land tax
This download contains the following files:
  • The webinar file (mp4 format)
  • The powerpoint presentation (Microsoft Office 2010)
  • The notes for the case study (PDF)
  • The solutions for the case study (PDF)
Please note, due to the session time running over, the Case Study is not covered in the Webinar but is included in the notes and solutions provided.