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March 2015: FBT for Small Business

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Presented by Sean Pearce, this 90 minute MKT Tax Session took place in March 2015 and deals with the following topics:


  • New FBT rates and how it affects the calculation of FBT liabilities, including opportunities to increase after tax income;
  • Recent cases on the Otherwise Deductible rules and the meaning of commercial  car parking
  • Various concessional treatments of fringe benefits, such as cars, car parking, LAFHAs and more;
  • How to benefit from exempt fringe benefits, such as minor benefits, work-related items, in-house property benefits, work-related items and more; ans
  • Tax planning opportunities to utilise the concessions and exemptions under the FBT Act
This download contains the following three files:
  • The Webinar file (mp4 format)
  • The Powerpoint presentation (Microsoft Office 2010)
  • The Notes for the case study (PDF)