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December 2015: Division 7A Problem Areas

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Presented by Sean Pearce, this 90 minute MKT Tax Session took place in December 2015.

The session will deal with the latest developments and common problems in dealing with Division 7A, including:

  • Dealing with company UPE’s;
  • Identifying the potentioal application of Subdivision EA and EB;
  • Other Division 7A problems, such as marriage breakdown, private use of company assets and loan forgiveness;
  • Fixing Division 7A mistakes and obtaining the Commissioners discretion to disregard the breach;
  • Tax planning tips to avoid Division 7A problems; and
  • Latest developments in the area: the Board of Taxation’s post-implementation review of Division 7A.

This download contains the following four files:

  • The Webinar file (VLC Media File)
  • The Powerpoint presentation (Microsoft Office 2010)
  • The Notes for the case study (PDF)
  • The Solutions for the case study (PDF)