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2021 February – Superannuation Death Benefit Training Session

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Dealing with and planning for the payment of Death Benefit payout

With the introduction of the Transfer Balance Cap in 2017 this has added a large degree of additional complexity with managing pensions as well as dealing with the payout of clients death benefits.

Join Chris Schoeman, Manager Private Groups as he discusses some of these issues and some practical strategies to manage them.

This 60 minutes session will cover the following:

  • Transfer Balance Account Reporting (TBAR) Events and their timing;
  • Consequences of failing to ensure a members pension balance remains below the Transfer Balance Cap;
  • Tax consequences to consider on the death of a member including how to calculate death benefit payout;
  • Benefits of and administering Reversionary pensions.

**This session will qualify for 1 hours Structured CPD/CPE for CPA, CAANZ, IPA, TPB and Tax Institute members**

Please note, the webinar will be available online within 2-4 working days of the session

This download contains the following files:

The PowerPoint presentation (Microsoft Office 2010)

The Notes for the case study (PDF)

The solutions for the case study (PDF)

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