2021 March: Structuring and Restructuring for SME Businesses

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Structuring and Restructuring for SME Businesses

One of the key decisions a business person has to make before embarking on a new business is the choice of structure. Many business owners do not enter into a structure with tax and legal efficiencies in mind. As a trusted advisor, it is our responsibility that we recommend the most appropriate business structure for our clients.

However, once a business structure is established, it’s not a case of set and forget, there is often the need for restructuring of client’s businesses as the business grows, contracts or the tax law changes! This requires an in-depth understanding of the client’s business and the ability to navigate through the various tax and legal issues that may be encountered.

Our next case study session Mr. Sean Pearce and Mr. Gaurav Chitnis will discuss the most common tax issues that we come across when structuring and restructuring clients’ businesses. The topics we will cover will include:

  • Key tax and legal considerations when choosing a business structure.
  • Identifying restructuring opportunities.
  • The various rollovers available for restructures.
  • Issues surrounding tax consolidation and the use of rollovers.
  • Other revenue issues to consider – such as transfer duty, GST and payroll tax.

Our session will also include a case study applying the technical issues to real-life situations.

Buy our recorded Webinar covering the entire presentation together with the notes & slides directly from our website. 
**This session will qualify for 1.5 hours Structured CPD/CPE for CPA, CAANZ, IPA, TPB and Tax Institute members**
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