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Spring 2018 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Spring 2018 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (215 KB)

New Rules on the Reduced Corporate Tax Rate; GST Reviews; AASB 112 – Income Taxes; Do you earn Personal Services Income?; MKT Tax Training; MKT Webinars; Premium Accountants Network – New Subscription Period

Winter 2018 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Winter 2018 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (221 KB)

New Rules for Residential Property Investors; GST Collected at Settlement for New Residential Premises and New Developed Land; Changes Proposed for Private Company Loans; Tax Consolidating SME Groups; MKT Webinars – Download Now!

Autumn 2018 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Autumn 2018 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (99 KB)

Company Tax Rate Reduction for the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 Years; Start-Up ESS Concessions; Property Industry Alert! – New GST Withholding Rules; Challenges in owning property with the new Non Concessional Contributions Caps; Premium Accountants Network – New subscription period; MKT Webinar – Download Now!


Summer 2017 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Summer 2017 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (91 KB)

Breaking Australian Residency for Tax Purposes; Passive Investment Companies and the Lower Tax Rate – Take 3!; Payroll Tax – The often forgotten but painful tax; Keep off the commissioner’s Christmas wishlist; MKT Webinars – Tax Residency of Individuals, Companies and Trusts

Spring 2017 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Spring 2017 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (79 KB)

Sub-trust arrangements maturing 2018; The Business Continuity Test – Carrying on a similar Business; ATO Audit Alert – Change of use in Property Developments – Are you required to repay ITC’s claimed?; MKT Case Study – Tips and Traps in Using Trusts; Premium Accountants Network – New subscription period

Winter 2017 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Winter 2017 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (116 KB)

Who should be assessed to interest on bank accounts?; Countdown is on to new Superannuation landscape; 2017 MKT Trustee Resolutions; GST on International Supplies of Goods and Services; MKT Webinars

Autumn 2017 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Autumn 2017 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (111 KB)

Two SME hot spots; Claiming Deductions for Commercial Website Expenditure; Property Contracts and GST; Accountants Guide to Changes in Superannuation; MKT Case Study; Premium Accountants Network New Subscription Period


Summer 2016 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Summer 2016 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (100 KB)

Superannuation Measures now Law; GST Dual Purpose; New Years Resolution; Mkt Webinar; MKT Christmas Message

Spring 2016 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Spring 2016 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (91 KB)

Employee v Contractor – What if I get it wrong?; Small Business Entity Changes Introduced; Tax consequences of Trust Vesting; ATO Audit Alert; Working in the Post Transitional AFSL Period; Premium Accountants Network – New Subscription Period; MKT Case Study – PSI for Professionals & Contractors

Winter 2016 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Winter 2016 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (133 KB)

Tax Disputes – Rule Number #1; Building Superannuation Balances post the Federal Budget; Reduced Corporate Tax Rate for Small Businesses; The New Small Business Restructure Rollover – Opportunities and Threats; Changes to taxation of director options may lead to refund entitlements; 2016 MKT Trustee Resolutions

Autumn 2016 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Autumn 2016 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (104 KB)

Small Business Restructure Rollover Relief; Tax Planning in March?; GST Audit Alert: Selling residential property that has been rented; Proposed changes to Division 7A – Private Company Loans; MKT Accountants Network 2016 Footy Tipping


Summer 2015 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Summer 2015 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (90 KB)

Proposed small business restructure roll-over relief; What does the ATO do if you are late paying your employees super?; Tax and the Christmas party; The ATO’s new ruling on Mineral Exploration Expenditure; MKT’s charity and Community Program; MKT’s Christmas message

Spring 2015 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Spring 2015 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (62 KB)

When was the last time you reviewed your clients will?; Determining market value for the CGT small business concessions; Rio Tinto loses appeal in claiming ITCs case; Time to act on licensing regime running out

Winter 2015 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Winter 2015 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (77 KB)

Small Business Measures from the Federal Budget; CGT Treatment of Earnout Arrangements; Welcome changes to Employee Share Scheme (ESS’) tax rules; Clients with ATO Debts; Trustee Resolutions must be made by 30 June of each year

Autumn 2015 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Autumn 2015 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (94 KB)

ATO puts the spotlight on Professional Firms; WA Land Tax – Changes to the Primary Production Exemption; Non-Commercial Business Losses and the Commissioners Discretion; SMSF – The Target of ATO Audits; Can the Commissioner recover unpaid GST where he has been notified of an Entitlement to refund for the same tax period?; MKT’s Premium Accountants Network


Summer 2014 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Summer 2014 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (123 KB)

Taking money from your private company- Correcting Division 7A mistakes; cents per kilometre rate considered a travel allowance; penalties under new ATO penalty regime for SMSF’s; GST- Commissioner wins high court appeal; MKT’s Premium Accountants Network

Spring 2014 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Spring 2014 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (61 KB)

Tax shock on marriage breakdown (part 2); ATO and rental properties; Data matching program for banks; MKT’s Premium Accountants Network

Winter 2014 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Winter 2014 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (65 KB)

Trustee’s must resolve to distribute 2014 trust income by 30 June ; 2014 Tax Planning for the budget deficit levy ; Reverse charge mechanism to replace GST-free going concern ; A Tale of Two Fishermen: Beware the Superannuation Guarantee sting! ; Beware falling into the special income trap!

Autumn 2014 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Autumn 2014 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (70 KB)

Am I Operating my Business from the Right Structure? ; Proposed Restrictions to GST Refunds ; CGT Events occurred on transfer of land pursuant to joint venture – Taras Nominees ; LAFHA Transitional Period Ending on 30 June 2014 ; 2014 FBT Package ; 2014 Footy Tipping


Summer 2013 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Summer 2013 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (77 KB)

Abolition of the Small Business Asset Write-off ; Tax Shock on Marriage Breakdown ; Tax and your Christmas Party ; Recent Development affecting Contribution Strategies ; MKT’s Christmas Message

Spring 2013 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Spring 2013 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (76 KB)

What a Coalition Government means for Small Business Taxpayers ; Amendment Period for Individual Beneficiaries ; Market Value and Small Business CGT Concessions ; Time Limits for GST Refunds ; GST Fundamentals Course ; Premium Accountant’s Network – New Subscription Period

Winter 2013 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Winter 2013 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (83 KB)

Trustee’s Must Resolve to Distribute 2013 Trust Income by 30 June ; Be Prepared: ATO Reviews and Audits ; Another Loss on Non-commercial Losses ; ATO Spotlight on Dividend Access Shares ; MKT June Case Study Session

Autumn 2013 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Autumn 2013 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (81 KB)

Loss Carry Back Rules Announced ; A Legal Document Costs A Taxpayer His CGT Small Business Concessions! ; No CGT Discount for Non-Residents ; GST Inclusive Terms in Contract


Summer 2012 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Summer 2012 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (56 KB)

Do You Need to Amend Your Trust Deed? ; Am I A Share Trader? ; Amendments to Revenue Asset & Trading Stock Roll-Overs

Spring 2012 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Spring 2012 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (64 KB)

“Who is under the ATO’s microscope?” ; “$4 million tax free gain for Mum & Dad” ; Director Penalty Notices Extended

Winter 2012 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Winter 2012 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (108 KB)

Should the Commissioner have allowed Streaming? ; Personal Services Income (‘PSI’) Rules – Unrelated Clients Test and Business Premises Test failed ; Administrative Penalties:Voluntary Disclosures – Miscellaneous Taxation Ruling MT 2012/3

Autumn 2012 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Autumn 2012 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (124 KB)

2012 Trust Distributions – the ATO is watching! ; FBT Update – What is new in 2012? ; Commissioner’s Power to Withhold GST refunds


Summer 2011 Quarterly Tax Bulletin Summer 2011 Quarterly Tax Bulletin (136 KB)

Chaning the Wa Trust Income is Taxed ; Division 7A – Commissioner’s Discretion to Disregard Deemed Divident ; Government short of cash! Watch out if you pay LAFHA’s ; Superannuation Fund Alert ; Greater ITC CLaims From Increase to Financial Acquisitions Threshold (FAT)