At MKT we are privileged to enjoy a safe workplace along with numerous other financial & non-financial benefits.  We recognise that many people, even within Perth, are not as fortunate as us or do not have the same opportunities we are provided.  It is for these reasons that we believe that we can and should make a broader contribution to society. 


In recognising the above we acknowledge our responsibility to help make our community a better place to live and make a conscious effort to support and improve our communities both locally and worldwide.



MKT has made a commitment to achieving our vision through providing both monetary and non-monetary contributions to a variety of causes. Our community commitment comprises both financial donations and volunteer hours both in a professional and ‘get your hands dirty’ capacity.  If you would like MKT to get involved with your community initiative or event, please email our reception.

MKT’s Charity and Community Committee meet bi-monthly to ensure continued focus on this important part of our business.  Our regular activities include:
  • Holding Bi-Monthly ‘Giving Days’ where MKT staff members nominate particular causes, we host an event in-house and match the team members donations to these worthy causes.
  • Ensuring that our financial giving targets are met or exceeded and are directed at worthwhile causes.
  • Actively pursuing areas where our staff can help by assisting with tax advice, DGR & other tax registrations to new causes being run by our clients or the wider community.
  • Seeking opportunities where MKT staff can make a difference in the community, like our day at Oz Harvest (see below) and welcome suggestions from our clients and colleagues in this area.

Fundraising - The Adventurers Japan Trip

A charity MKT currently supports in both a financial and non-financial capacity is The Adventurers, an organisation that aims to find a cure for childhood brain cancer.

In September 2017 MKT Director Ben Reynolds joined ‘Team Japan’ in a quest to raise $127,600 for X-RAD Radiation Therapy Research for Brain Tumours.  

The team took on the challenge of riding over 324km, with over 6070m of elevation and scaling Mt Fuji!

Ben alone managed to raise $22,639 - an amazing achievement with help from some very generous donations.

See below some of the pictures from the trip:

To find out more or to make a donation to this cause please visit The Adventurers website.                  


Community Events

Ronald McDonald House

Some of the team from MKT visited Ronald McDonald House Perth to take part in one of their volunteering programmes – Home for Dinner
The team worked with Darryl, one of the chefs, to cook and prepare meals for the families that are staying in the house. 
After cooking, the team were able to sit down with the families and enjoy dinner whilst getting to know them. 
This was an incredibly rewarding experience and one that we recommend for other groups to take part in. 
For more information about how you can volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, please click here.



The team at MKT and Mining Corporate participated in OzHarvest’s Cooking for a Cause recently, cooking up quite a feast in the Taste Budds Cooking Studio. OzHarvest is the first perishable food rescue organisation in Australia that collects quality excess food and delivers it free of charge to 800 charities across Australia. With the help of the volunteers and trained chefs, no food collected was wasted and the meals were delivered to 55 Central Inc and St Bartholomew’s providing nourishment to the people who need it most. To find out more about the great work this charity does, please click here.


Christmas Gift Giving

The staff at MKT and Mining Corporate decided to forgo their Secret Santa gift this year in order to buy gifts for the Hawaiian Gold Giving Box. The items donated will go to families in need this Christmas thanks to the efforts by Foodbank and Anglicare WA.


We will keep you up to date on our contributions to our communities, if you wish to know more please email or call us on 08 9481 8448 and we will be more than happy to discuss.