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Do you need more corporate tax support?

We are finding that more and more employees charged with looking after the tax function for their organisation are very time restricted. As a result, day-to-day tax issues, particularly at the lower end of the difficulty spectrum (but none the less still important) can impinge on their time and may not get the necessary attention these issues deserve. With the ATO becoming more resourced in the area of review and audits, your time will be spent dealing with these matters, potentially leaving the day-to-day issues lingering unresolved. This in turn can result in these issues becoming targets of the ATO’s attention.

How we can help

Our CATS service is not aimed at taking you away from your trusted advisor, rather it provides additional support for you at a competitive rate for this nature of tax questions. We provide you with a level of comfort that you do not need to try and solve a tax issue yourself and take away your concern you will be charged enormous fees if you ask.

Monthly subscription

Unlimited phone calls each month with any of our senior tax specialists.

Quarterly tax alerts focusing on typical day-to-day issues that face corporate

Two 60 minute meetings per year with two senior tax specialists at each meeting.

Invoiced quarterly.

Why MKT?

Widely recognised as having the largest and most experienced tax consulting division in Perth outside the National accounting firms, our innovative and costeffective approach has consistently delivered high-level tax support to WA’s small to mid-cap publicly listed companies over the past 20 years.

If you would like more information on our CATS services please contact:

Adriano Leon
(08) 9481 8448

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